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WHITE: A Parkour Film About Canadian Traceurs & Winter

WHITE is a 28min, DVD quality short film that captures the dedication of a small group of Canadian traceurs as they struggle to increase their speed, power and grace while attempting to become comfortable operating in the harsh environment of Canadian winters. The WHITE team captured footage of winter parkour conditionning and skills training during 30+ shoots Jan-April 2007 in the hopes of encouraging traceurs everywhere to expand their PK training to include dealing with the elements of winter in all her fury:
  • Deep Snow
  • Poor Visibility
  • Slippery Ice
  • High Winds
  • Extreme Cold
  • Water Hazards
  • Frozen Metal

Significant efforts were made to choose new and interesting filming locales in both urban and natural areas around Toronto as well as road-trip locations in Quebec to visit Tremblant ski hill, Ottawa's Winterlude Festival, Algonquin Park, etc.

The focus of WHITE is squarely on parkour, and not freerunning.

WHITE traceurs range from complete beginners to more experienced members of our community. WHITE is not a showcase reel. Our aim is not to impress, or demonstrate perfect form, but simply to inspire more people to get involved in parkour and to continue their training in winter, in order to be more well rounded traceurs.

Our volunteer cast and crew have worked hard to achieve the best cinematography, post-production and editing values yet seen in a Canadian community produced parkour film. Our primary goals of building community, getting to know each other better, getting in tons of winter training days and having fun have been achieved, but we still welcome feedback to help shape our future efforts. Check out the trailer and the final movie below and let us know your thoughts by emailing us via [email protected].

WHITE was officially released on Feb 24th, 2008 and will be re-released on DVD and to film festivals once music licensing issues are resolved.
WHITE is a not-for-profit venture supported by Toronto-based interactive agency Advoca Interactive. Our film director, James Chillcott (aka FaustX) is also a senior partner with Advoca and brings a background of 10+ years of experience in online media, commercial production, web video production and photography. Any and all profits achieved beyond direct project expenses will be 25% donated back to the parkour community for use in community projects and 75% donated to Sick Kids Hospital in Toronto.

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James Chillcott (aka FaustX)
Assistant Director:
Yee Siung Wong
Lead Cinematographer/Videographer:
Amber Bonnell
Shaun Hunter
Aram Khalel
Alex Wright
Alex Tsiboulski
Andrew Agnew-Iler
James Chillcott
Jessica Asztalos
Gerald Si Tu
Amber Bonnell + Yee Siung Wong
Location Manager:
Mark Hare
Voice Actors:

Lisa Harun + Andrew Agnew-Iler

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WHITE is finished!....Enjoy everyone....

DVD orders to benefit Sick Kids Hospital coming soon...

WHITE Traceur Performance Team

Over 180 Canadian traceurs helped select the traceurs
that appeared in WHITE. Here are the people we filmed:
  • Moe Kharraz (aka Yamakazi)
  • David Tusishvili (aka Ghostdog)
  • Aram Khalel (aka RAM)
  • Shaun Hunter (aka McNasty)
  • Rebecca Dias (aka Zen)
  • Olya Sergev
  • Robyn MacCrimmon
  • Jessica Asztalos
  • Stephen Ling
  • Elitsa Manolova
  • Gerald Si Tu (aka Gerald)
  • Humzah Ilahie (aka Hamz)
  • Stphen J. Ruddick
  • Alex Wright
  • Peyam Bakhshi
  • James Chillcott (aka Faust X)

Director's Interview

Coming Soon...
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